Monday, July 30, 2012

Lowbrow Customs Swap and Meet 7.29.12

This weekend by far was one of the raddest weekends this year. Friday, I got to party with the O.O.C crew. Saturday, hung out with the wifey all day, then partied at Jarrett and Kerry's. Slip in Die V2 was the best thing I have ever witnessed. Sunday, woke up early met back with Jarrett and Kerry and we rode 6 deep to the Lowbrow Customs Swap and Meet. Tons of gnarly bikes, cheep parts, and free food and pop. Hung out with some really awesome people and met a ton more! Lowbrow really has something good going on for Northern Ohio! My favorite part of the day was they actual let us inside to see where they make their bikes and they had two Race bikes they just completed not to long ago. The 1300 cc actually won an award at Born Free this year. Shit was sick!!

Kathy's parents met us up at Lowbrow which was cool, we rode off to some flea markets around Medina. We decided to ride back to Kathy's parents house with them. Route 18 is a straight shot to Norwalk from Medina so we had a nice easy ride back to their house. Ate dinner with the fam, which I always enjoy. Then Kathy and I slept on the hammock out in the back yard for awhile. So relaxing and peaceful. Finally rode back home around 8:30. I put over 300 miles on the bike this weekend. Not too bad for just being able to get back on since my broken foot bull shit. I look forward to hopefully having more amazing weekends like this one but it's gonna be hard to top!

Here is a bunch of photos from Lowbrow Swap and Meet, enjoy!

Kathy really wanted this bike.