Monday, June 25, 2012

Alex Murder's Franken-pipe It's Alive Party

Saturday I hit up my good friend Alex Murder's house out in my old stomping grounds Elyria Ohio. He built a fucking half pipe in his backyard!!!! He wanted to have a bash that everyone would remember and I think a lot of us will mark it down as one of the best parties of 2012. I haven't been to a party where you can skate all day, Drink brews, eat watered down hot dog/hamburgers ahahah, and watch a basement show in forever!! It made me feel 15 again! Lorain Skum played in the basement, Mike and Jeff were ridiculous with some amazing runs. I loved every minute of it. Except when I thought I broke my ankle. It just rolled really bad and I sprained the shit out of it! I'll be all right as long as I can ride this weekend. If I can't ride I'm gonna be pissed!

Thanks again to Alex for throwing this rad party. Check out some of the festivities. Got video and pictures.

pic by Kathy Sazdanoff
pic by Jill Garton
pic by Alex Murder
pic by Jill Garton
pic by Jill Garton

Pic by Diamante Tretinik
Pic by Diamante Tretinik
Lorain Skum
Lorain Skum

fml my ankle the next day.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

On The Way to Work

Random shots on the bike this week that I snapped while flying down the highway going home and to work! A lot of fun! I want to start using the Cannon!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Ohio Bike Week 2012 Shawshank Ride Video


June 5th we rode out to the Mansfield Reformatory for Ohio Bike Week and got some sweet footage. I finally got it together and I am understanding the outputs a little better to making it look better with out being able to upload the full 1080p hd, Enjoy!

Music by Rival sons "Gyspy Heart"

Pics from that day

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pinned 2012 Columbus Run Video

Video taking on Saturday May 19th headed from Cleveland to Columbus to go to Pinned 2012 a Rock and roll party at the Dude Locker. First song is riding down on OH514. Second song is at the party. Not the best editing I have ever done but I wanted to put it up before I never do because I'm too picky!! Check it out!

Music credits: The Black Angels "Entrance Song" and Rival Sons "Save Me"

Pics from that day

Monday, June 11, 2012

Go Pro Swim

So yesterday all Kathy and I wanted to do was swim and ride the bike! That's just what we did. We met up with Adam, Mariah and Riggs and swam for a couple hours. I threw a log at Adam by lake Erie and he shit his pants, really he just got dirt all over him self but that's what we told the gurls. The go pro is gnarly wish the pics weren't so blurry but the video is kinda good. I'll edit some and put it together. I have so much footage I have to edit its retarded. One day.

Swimming pics!

Ohio Bike Week 6.9.12

After Adam's surprise party we rode out to Downtown Sandusky. What a hell of a time to park in a group. We eventually said fuck it and split off to find separate parking. We walked around for awhile and I snapped a few good shots. Some of them came out shitty but that's just me be critical. A few bobbers, a few choppers, not a whole lot but road kings and full dressers. Still was awesome to see the over all amount of bikers in one place. It was pretty gnarly to see. Saw my friend Toby up there with a few kids from way back in the day I haven't seen. Still goofy as hell and loving life! We saw some burnouts, some titties, some debauchery, and everyone just enjoying themselves no matter how old or young they were. Didn't see any fights or anything, pretty tame for a huge motorcycle event like that. The crue split after awhile and Kathy and I just drank it in. Walked around staring at bikes and people watching. We eventually decided to leave around 11:30pm and ride back to Norwalk. The cold pockets to warm pockets of air still to this day blow my mind on how crazy it feels. I had just a t-shirt on and it was like 80 degrees in Sandusky. Riding through Milan it dropped like 15 degrees damn was that chilly fast. We got to Norwalk and it was back to normal. Super weird

Here is some of the shots I got from that day.

Kathy and her Mom!

flat paint photographs so well! love this shot.

she seems nice

"Now listen, I'm gonna motor boat you and that is final woman"

Nothing like sharing a wiener

one of the coolest bikes there.