Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Traveling Dave

Sitting out on my stairs in front of my side door of my house at 12:30 am a few weeks back, talking about life with my new friend that I literally have known for maybe a whole 3 days.

"I was writing a movie script about a guy building a pan head, his wife was in full support of everything and when the bike was completed they rode for a month straight. Happy as can be. The wife suddenly ends up dying from an unknown cancer and they guy sells his house, car, every worldly possession but the pan and just rides across country city to city to tries to find himself. 

I was explaining the plot to a really close friend back home and she told me why don't you do that for real Dave!  Two weeks later I sold all my shit and hit the road." - Dave Buchanan 

An unbelievable story that is true with every word. Meeting Dave has changed my way of looking at humanity and has shown me there are still amazing human beings out there in this great land we call America. To sell everything, pack up a sissy with only the possessions you truly need to survive and ride cross country with no real plan other then to ride everyday and find work here and there is everyone's dream. Well he's living it.

Literally 2 minutes into hanging with Dave I instantly grew attached and knew he was a genuine, honest, and radical dude that could party and be down to have real life conversations not just small talk to impress some one into making them feel cool. The dude knows who he is and isn't out to prove anything to anyone other then make his life his own! Pretty epic.

His story is incredible, the journey he has taken and the journey he is going to continue is truly amazing to follow. I can't wait till he writes a book and puts it all together.

I'm honored to call Dave my friend and glad he came into my life. It's going to be sad to see him gone. I know I'll run in to him a bunch though, as long as we have motorcycles and there are roads I know I will cross paths with him again someday soon.

Good luck on all your travels dude and stay safe! Luv ya!

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