Monday, September 17, 2012

Road to Valhalla 2012 Burnouts

some clips, was a little to drunk so sorry if its not the best ahhaha.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Road to Valhalla 2012

Well this weekend was one of the most epic weekends I have ever had. I'm so stoked I remember all of it some how!!!

Friday night Kathy and I headed up to Mike and Dia's house to drop off some camping gear off for Saturday. Kevin and Todd rode in from Cincy and Cody came in from Pittsburgh. Let's just say we got super sloppy and Kevin wanted to karate chop us and or fist fight us every two seconds!

Saturday morning, I some how got out of bed at 8:30 got over to Mike's house again to round up the troops and get to Valhalla. We first headed out to the steel yard to meet up with Bobby, Billy, and Bubba. B3. The ride was amazing other then this dude in an suv going 25 in a 45 for about 10 miles. by 1:30 we got to the Iron Horse, set up tents and commenced ruining our livers. There's just to much shit that went on to tell you it all. Let's just say shit got weird!! Kerry caught Mike on fire with gasoline that he pulled from his tank. Kerry where did your shirt go? "I tried to burn it" aahhahah. Sheriff Dan, fucking surfing on top of the bon fire, Burnouts, Some dudes dumping their bikes in the tree lawns and in the parking lot. Over all just an amazing time.

We got there early Saturday, we were one of the first ones there. We woke up this morning and everyone had already packed up and gone home! Last ones to leave ahhaha.

Sum it up I had an amazing time, with some new friends, some old, all in all good people. Thanks Iron Horse Saloon for letting us get crazy at your establishment. Can't wait for next year!!!

Here's a bunch of shots from the Chaos! (in no real order)


Tommy wanted a pic with the wife really bad! ahah

ahhhh "heyy fuck you" - Kevin

new belt holes

best way to park a bike, No kickstand needed

nuts to butts

Aint a party unless there's Cool Ranch Doritos