Saturday, April 28, 2012

Skate Or Die

This is a collaboration of skate footage from when I was a wee lad. I was really bored and the cold April breeze has forced me inside more then I have liked. Edited this 4 and half minute video of some of the best stuff I landed from back in the day. Over all the quality is not the best but can't wait to get out this summer and rip it some more. The funniest part is people that don't believe this is me cause I look so different now from when I was in high/middle school. Most of this is over 10 years old, everyone looks different after 10 years or more. I promise this is 100% me in the flesh ripping it up.

I love how back in the 90's early 2000s it was big pants like Jenco and Tommy, Huge T's and backwards hats. ahahah Oh how styles change yet skating is still the same.

Skate or Die!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ride to Not Die

Left work a little earlier then usual yesterday to try and make it home before rush hour. There was also a big storm that was supposed to hit around 8pm. Dumb weather channel! It was around 80 degrees outside yesterday! I just Had to jump on the bike and blow off some steam. I rode through the valley and up in to a random part of Berea I have never seen. Beautiful lakes in the middle of Cleveland area. After finding my way to familiar roads I get on smith/150 and almost get T-boned by a car turning left from my right side. The dumb ass was looking to his right the hole time while rolling into the street. I thought to myself either brake and get hit or floor it. I dropped gears and throttled quickly!I veered in to the left turning lane. The look on that kids face I bet was priceless, realizing he almost hit me. "Toilet paper anyone?" It was scary for both of us.

I've seen on some blogs of pics being taking by just the rider. Left handed throttle though. I took out my phone just to see what it be like to control the bike no handed and one handed to take a few shots and it wasn't that bad! I think I'm gonna move up to strapping the cannon on my neck and try to get some real shots! Also I'm planning on buying some booms for the bike for the GoPro. Get some wide angles of the hole bike while riding! Shits going be sweet. One shot edited on the phone I took. Off to work.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lovin Life and Livin Fast

Great day to take photos. To bad the temperature was like 30 degrees when riding! blah!! Rode around for a couple hours trying to mess with my new GoPro. Had the cannon and snapped some epic pics. With the GoPro I'm still wanting to figure out some stuff on it. I also can start editing some High Def vids now so I'm excited for that. Looking forward to the warmer weather this next couple weeks. April don't bring showers bring riding days forever!

Also found a random farm in the middle of Cleveland, alpaca and everything! Super bizarre and made for some cool pics. Lovin life and livin fast!

doing work son

farm living in the country/Cleveland

Go Pro shots Just a few from today


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Glory

This weekend flew by and was too too fast. Over all had a blast and got to hang out with some of my old Vermillion friends! Friday we rode out in the cold and the wife and I froze our faces off! It was worth the suffering.

Yesterday we woke up extremely late and moseyed on over to Jamie's flea-market. Kathy's game plan was to find some Taxidermy, and old antiques. I was looking for some brass knucks and some harley models. We both failed miserably. Met up with Adam and Mariah later that night at the worst place possible for service, David Busters lol. We got some harley models there after playing ski ball and coin droppers from the thousand tickets we won. From there we drove off to Vermillion to see Mikey and the Vermillion gang. What a party time that was. Ended the night with Taco Bell and a late night into bed.

Today was great, rode almost the entire day because it was so amazing outside. Bikes everywhere everyone throwing up the biker salute. I took Kathy out to North Ridgeville for her friends baby shower and then met up with Adam, Miriah and Victor to ride. Got some Wieners and Dogs and Suds, then rode for a couple hours. Loved every minute of it!
Wish I would of grabbed the camera this morning. No Pics today, I was just too stoked to get out of the house!

This is all for now I'm gonna get off before I bore myself.

Victor givin the Uhhuh face, Pic takin by Adam Baxter

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Random Shots

Bummed around the house most of the day. Did some laundry and cleaned out the air intake on the bike. It's drying as we speak, all I got to do now is Lube her up and put it back on the bike.

I found some lenses I didn't know Kathy and I even had. I also stumbled on to my fish eye lens! Fuck yeah. Here's just some random shots I took today being lazy and not going anywhere.

RIP Zach Evert

Rummaging through the basement today I found some photos, Photos are memories that should be shared not locked away and I shared the good ones on the Facebooks to the people that may care. I haven't really spoken to Zach in a very long time, our friendship was lost a long time ago. I can remember though that when I was his friend we were in a metal band together called Caligula. He was pretty genuine and funny guy. He ripped on the bass and was a talented for sure. I also worked at Hot Topic with him. Being 17 really was some fun times in my life and he was apart of it. Drinking 40's, playing music, picking up dames, and just being young and dumb. We listened to Refused, and Norma Jean 24/7. ahah.

No one has said the real cause of his death, Some people say drugs. His family is saying a Dirt bike accident. Either way to me its a complete bummer. I didn't reach out to the kid at all after I was kicked out of the band. Here and there I would see him at parties but it wasn't the same. I think the main reason this feels weird is he was apart of my life back in the day. Death just kicks me in the nuts especially when its someone you know!

To the Evert family my condolences on your loss.

RIP Zach Evert

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Friends Are Family!

Had a pretty hectic weekend full of drinking and good times with some of my closest friends. Missed some that couldn't come out but over all it was great weekend! Happy Birthday again to Mrs. Diana! Good excuse to get sloshed 2 nights in a row. Here some of the pics I grabbed through out the night! Enjoy!

Birthday Gurl drinking some fruity drink

Ran into Libby!

This is wally eye Jones and captain Sally

Middle school flash back, Random!

Ran it to big Josip and his girl! Good People!

Hussy time!!!!

Snuck myself in a Pic with the Bday gurl

A face any mother would love!

I also took some really beautiful pics of my one and only love before the festivities! She is my light in my heart that keeps me going! Love her to death!

Good night!