Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chainsaws, Riding, and Little Bears by the water

Got some pics from the past couple of days. Best time ever was with Daverson and the chainsaw! Living life and having fun. Spent time with the pups and the wife in the Metro parks too couple days ago. Loved every minute of it. Took some random bikers riding by shots too
Check um!


his ole lady looks super happy! livin, lovin, life

New neighbors ricer, took a snap shot in the front.

There is a water fall behind you and you are on your phone!!!! WTF

Jesus Tree "crown of thorns

As I snapped the cardinal flew off! wish those branches weren't in the way, would of been even more rad of a shot.

"Everyone look at the moon, the moon is big, the moon is bright, everyone look at the moon" - Mighty Boosh!

Off to bed now, got be up early for work tomorrow! This old man needs some rest!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Riding, Nature, and Big Bird Fish

Rode all day today. I barley wanted to stop to take pictures it was so nice out. I finally sat for awhile in the valley and snapped a few shots of random bikers, Birds, trees, and the sun. I definitely want to get better at taking pics of moving objects. Still had a gnarly day no matter how un chaotic it was. Very relaxing and drinking it all in one breath at a time.

So this just flew at me from the river! Some guy was fishing and apparently he threw it up the wall to keep it and another old man picked it up and threw it back in! Was the most hilarious situation i have ever witnessed. Grumpy old men 4!

 Good night!

Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 Cleveland Autorama

Ventured off to the Autorama by myself Sunday afternoon. Hopped on the Harley and rode off to the IX center. It was weird going somewhere by myself but it felt good. I took my time and took in everything one moment at a time. Met some cool people and got some good shots. Here are some of my favorite shots!
great colors, wish they didn't put pimp lights on this bike.

Apparently this bike won a lot of awards! I couldn't tell.


she seems nice,

suicide shift

the craftsmanship on this seat was impeccable!

loved this truck, I wanted to take it home!

Off tomorrow! Riddddiinngg all day long!!! Try and get some more pics too! Goodnight