Friday, November 30, 2012

First Day Triumph Build 11.30.12

First Day Triumph Build 11.30.2012

Had a real shitty day at work today, and everything became instantly better when Mike and Dia came over. We started working on the Triumph frame, grinding down and cutting off access bs that didn't matter. Mike has had the frame and motor just sitting in Dia's parents basement forever. Super stoked he said it was cool to start working on it in my garage. We built the table last week and now we are starting to actually build and mock up the bike, super stoked. It's truly going to be a great winter project! Can't wait to ride the damn thang! Best quote of the night. "I been here 6 mins now already and i don't have a beer in my hand, I'm highly disappointed in you" - mike talking to either me or Dia or both ahahha who knows just funny as hell!

Fun times had by all, here's a few shots!


 pic by Diamante Tretinik

 pic by Diamante Tretinik

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fucking Battle Ships

Filmed this on Wednesday with Davey and Tony. Episode 4 "Fucking Battle Ships"


Fucking Battle Ships from Michael Arnold on Vimeo.