Sunday, August 26, 2012

VW And A BMW Under The Lights

So, I woke to tragic news that my grandpa passed at 9:30 am yesterday morning. I knew it was coming but it just hit me a different kind away. Losing my mom was the hardest thing I have ever endured, and that was a little over three years now. Losing my second grandpa from cancer now really just makes me feel like the weight on my shoulders to do something with my life. My grandpa was a great man and I will miss him a ton. I gotta to make an effort to really be there for my grandma now. She's seen to much in her day. Losing two of her own children and now her love. Just super sad.

I rode for hours yesterday just trying to clear my head. Finally saw the sun setting with Blue and White rays of sunlight peaking through a cluster of clouds looked almost like the Japanese rising sun. I knew there and then my Mom, and my two grandpa's were smiling down on me from somewhere proud. It was a truly remarkable moment of self discovery. Nature is the only thing we got to enjoy, the beauty of life is that alone and once we are gone we become apart of nature too.

After riding I hung out with Justin and Josh, Rode out to a car show. With nothing going on there we sprinted back to Cleveland, Justin was really wanting to do something. "I found a new spot I think would be sweet to take some night shots over on Lorain" I stated. He jumped in the car and was like "let's GO!!!" took some sweet shots of Josh's Beemer, and Justin's GTI. I really need to learn my flash, Gonna start practicing a little more. some of my new bracketing features on the new camera worked wonders though.

We set off to the VIP lounge after the photo shoot and watched some white racist drunk dude almost get his face bashed in by some of the bar regulars. It made for an eventful evening. I'm just glad I have friends to help me through the rough times in my life.

Here's a few of the pics I got from Last nights shoot.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lakewood Car Kulture Show 2012

Saturday popped by Lakewood's Car Kulture Show for a little bit. I wanted to stay longer but had a wedding to attend at 3. My dumb ass woke up late so I only got to be there for about an hour. Still an amazing car show. Always wish there were more bikes but least Lowbrow was there representing!! Got a new camera the other day. Another Canon, It's a rebel t4i/650D shits all fancy. Check out the pics I got from the show. Pretty stoked on how some came out for me not really knowing this new camera yet.


Kathy's new hair color inspiration.

I want this

Love her with all my heart.

Kiki found a Gaser to keep cool under. It was hot!