Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pinned 2012 "Columbus Run"

Saturday morning woke up bright an early to leave for Pinned, a motorcycle/skateboard/bands kind of event. The wife and I met up with Adam, Arron, and Riggs over by Ashland (71 & 250 area). They right away said fuck the highway lets take the back roads. I'm so glad we did. Ohio514 is one of the gnarliest roads on the way down to Columbus. I Highly suggest it. We were flying in and out of hill top curves. Couple of turns were super hard slowing down from 65/70 to 20mph. A lot of fun. Finally make it down to Columbus and we hit up a Chipotle. I have never smashed a burrito that fast in my whole life. Adam wanted to get a new hanky for his face so we hit up Iron Pony (walmart for bikers). That place was unreal. So many things having to do with everything two wheels.

PS Google maps you need to have a Ghetto route tag on your app! From the Iron Pony it said to take 13 down for a bit and we would reach the street we needed to be on for Pinned. We were in the wrong side of town for sure. Doesn't help that Adam has Lightning bolts on his helmet that kinda look like SS. EEEEEKKK a group of black girls asked if we got our bikes blessed down the street. Made for a good laugh that they were so nice and excited to see dudes on bikes. Then we see a dorky black guy in glasses in his car waiving and smiling like it was the first time he has ever seen a motorcycle in his life! it was really funny. We then got in to some sketchy One Way street situations where Adam had to do a Screetching right hand across two lanes to get to the street we all turned down. (follow the leader next time buddy!) ahahahahh.

We pull up to Pinned and people start flagging us in. No parking anywhere so we just park in front of some more bikes awkwardly as hell. Arron whips out his Fipflops. Who does that? ahahh it made for a good laugh. The temp felt like it was 90 degrees and I was sweating bullets. Headed straight for the beer vendor and grabbed a brew. There were bands playing old Rancid covers and dudes just being dudes. Saw Kerry hanging in the shadows. His bikes fucking gnarly as hell. Hung out for while got some great pictures and we decided to leave cause not moving on the bike was causing sever sweats! We hit 71 and rode for a good while till the gas felt empty. Kathy homed in on the ice cream stand next to the gas station and FlipFlopy Arron said I'm down for some ice cream too! We rolled over and hung out for a bit. Was some damn good ice cream. As we are munching down Kathy starts laughing at all of us "you guys are burned all over your faces and arms. Like super red!!!!" we look at each other like what the fuck are you talking about lol. Her sun glasses enhanced our sunburns to her eyes. Naturally she was right, I did get some shitty sunburn but not nearly as bad as those glasses made it out to be ahahah.

Split off from the guys near the same area and it was just me and the lady. We rode for awhile nothing but the cool breeze hit our faces and then all of a sudden a Monarch butterfly smacks me in the face right above my left part of my lip. It felt like I got punched in the face by a midget! ahahah Unbelievable! We jumped on 83 and headed out to Westlake area for a cook out Nate and Bee were having. That was some good eating thanks to those two. 400 miles later I ended my night sitting on the couch trying not to pass out while watching Spun.

Today woke up late and missed the Poker run I was supposed to do with Adam today. He said he rode another 140 miles today! Livin the life. The wife and I cleaned up the yard and mulched the shit out of the beds. She also asked me to dig up her garden area and make it able to be planted. What a bitch that was. The front and back look immaculate now. Even got some stuff growing that I am looking forward to grubbing on, blueberries, corn, and YAMMMS. Hope our clay soil doesn't ruin their growth.

Overall this weekend was a lot of fun and very exhausting. Can't wait to match that fun with the vaca coming up in a week. Gonna post some of the shots from Saturday now and hit the hay! gnight

Coffee anyone?

What road do we take to get there again?

wish that dodge wasn't in the shot but still one of my favorite shots of the day.

The girl on the top left was really nice, her and her bf rode from Indianapolis. Gnarly tank on her Sportster!

Her bf's bike.

Kerry's bike

Kerry's bike 2


This bike is fucking awesome!

Adam flipping the bird. Think Riggs is asleep.

This us parked at the ice cream shop in the middle of no where Ohio! Ole western feel.

Two shots I took today from the Cell phone that I liked.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

DA Bears

So I headed out to Chicago with my wife and my two of my best friends Tony and Tonya last weekend. It was just an escape from Cleveland that was well needed. We stayed at a Hampton Inn by the airport. My god were those beds the most comfy thing I have slept on in a long time. We first went off Friday night to see this play called "Bye Bye Liver". Wow that shit was so funny. We got super drunk too. They incorporated a drinking game in with an actual play about how people act when they are ridiculously drunk. Absolutely hilarious show! We then made our way back to the hotel some how with dying phones and being wasted. Kathysauras Rex and Tonya Rex were in full effect to make the matters even funnier. Public transportation is a money saver but would be super hard to learn if you didn't have Gmaps on your phone. Sooo I'm kinda glad the only nice local I met gave us directions to the bus stop we needed.

The next day we woke up and ventured off to the Aquarium called the Shed. Before we arrived there we saw the Polish independence parade by the Married with Children fountain. Saw a few biker gangs representing. I don't think they were 1% but still cool to see. Got to the shed and saw this massive line. Lucky for us Kathy is the smartest person alive and we purchased a City Pass which allowed us to skip all lines!! Love her for all her organizational skills. They had a new exhibit of Jelly fish which was super amazing to just stare at. They had some hammer head Sharks too!!! Hell yes!!! We watched the Dolphin show and some how randomly Tonya got randomly selected to pet the dolphins in the middle of the holding tank! Super cool! I was pissed cause it happened so fast and the I didn't get any really good shots of it. Kathy did on her Sony so maybe I can post a few when she gets around to uploading them on the comp.
We had Chicago style hot dogs that day too which was fucking amazing!! A full speared pickle on a hot dog, who would of thought? Then took some pics at the MWC fountain, the bean and some of the skyscrapers around the area. Tony reminded us we had to get some Deep Dish since we were in Chicago. We found a Giodanos and had the best cheese pizza ever! The cheese was so thick and the sauce was soooooo good! A+. The girls wanted to do some shopping so we went off to some stores on Magnificent mile. That closed after awhile  and we found our selves debating if we wanted to stay out or get an early night sleep. We decided to meet up with Kathy's friend Katie up at a bar. 2 dollar PBR beat the previous nights tab by far so I was pleased. We were just so tired from the previous night of drinking we were Kinda of sour pusses. We ended up leaving the bar a little earlier which was lucky for us because we got to see the classic fight come out of a bar by the subway.
"NOOOOOOO, STOP IT, HE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING, DON'T HIT HIM ITS NOT HIS FAULT" a really fat girl starts screaming. Dude pushes another dude on the ground and they wrestle for a bit. Boring fight. We wait on the deck of the subway and a Black guy starts screaming at a gutter punk kid, that fight goes no where. Then the first guy from the first fight screams across the tracks come over here I'll beat both your asses! It was hysterical that this happened all in a span of 20 minutes.

The third day we packed in the Sky deck, Observation Deck, The Field Museum, and Art Museum. I was really happy I got to see some Salvador Dali paintings in person. Really brings me back to when I studied art in school. The other cool thing I saw was all the Egyptian mummies and Dinosaurs at the Field museum. That shit blew me away! After all this we then met up with Katie again at a bar where we began to drink heavily! Let's just say I time traveled to the Wiener circle (which apparently they have a reality show on TruTv) This Scottish dude starts screaming at the Black girl that works there saying she is a fucking Cunt and we all were just laughing at him. I have it all on tape on my GoPro. Still haven't watched it yet but I hope its amazing so I can post it up here soon! We also saw a bum eat shit while passing out sitting up. He just kept leaning and drooling for almost the entire train ride home. Then near the last few stops BLAM! face first in to the floor of the train! Felt bad but least he has a warm train ride to sleep on. Bums in Cleveland sleep on sewer vents to stay warm.

The only bad thing that really came from this trip was the Drive there, I got stuck with speeding ticket 89 in a 70 when I was only really going 79 in a 70. The cop lied and didn't care cause he knows I'm not going to drive back to Indiana to fight the damn ticket. Stupid ass!

I got some good shots. Not happy with a lot of them but these are some of the best ones, or ones I liked that help show the story a bit! In no way is it in chronological order. Enjoy!

This is my favorite photo, Light source is amazing, just lowered the brightness a bit, not super imposed or cut out! EPIC

Mom always said never to look down

Sweet overcast!

Another one of my favorites!!!!

Kathy took this of me! 

Beautiful light in the hotel room! so peaceful, warm, and calm!

Kathy took this of me

Well I'm off to bed. Got work tomorrow. Gnight