Monday, February 17, 2014

Reminiscing on Hood Bush 2013

Reminiscing on Hood Bush 2013

Sitting in my house bored out of my mind on this cold winter day, I figured I would rummage through some of my favorite times last year. Looking through my Hood Bush shots I realized I haven't posted most of these on this blog. I found a few that I have never posted before on any website, social media, or mag. I've been really slacking on this blog and I'm gonna try my hardest to get some stuff on here more. So much stuff is just tied up with exclusive rights to Mags and such. Working on a few shoots for Street Choppers, The Horse BC, and Chop cult in the next few months as well and also I just released a new feature in March's issue of The Horse BC of my friend Mike from Chop Machine's Root beer Sporty build, go check that issue out when you get a chance. The Bike is Called "The Horse With no Name". Thanks again Lisa Ballard for helping me with this one!

In other news I am hopefully getting my new camera in the mail tomorrow! So stoked to finally be able to go shoot some stuff again. Went with a Canon 70d for now, because the burst and video stuff integrated in it, along that it was similar to my old camera yet 100% better quality. Late this year the new 7d mark ii comes out and I am definitely grabbing that one. Also I got a ton of new lenses to try out and I can't hardly wait, Spring can not come soon enough to try out some of these super wide angle ones while riding, stoked!!! Other good news, I will be out in Toronto at the end of the month for a Vice Magazine art show that I am going to be featured in with some prints of my work. Pretty amazing feeling to be asked to do that. Last but not least my friend Jarrett asked me to shoot him with his bike for a tattoo/motorcycle book called "In The Wind Book" Look out for that soon! Honored to be apart of that as well!

If you have never seen the Chop Cult feature on Hood bush check it out here by clicking the image below.

Here is a few images I found today that made me smile, and wish summer was back again.

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